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Meet Kesha

Faith Based Life Coach + Kingdom Strategist

Like most of us, I obtained "success" the traditional way: College, job, marriage, children and taxes! Checked all the boxes! Did things the “right” way.


At work, I was always called on to go the extra mile or help with special projects because of my dedication and work ethic.


It brought me great joy to see customers satisfied and the strategic goals and outcomes met for those organizations.


But after so many years of missing important family moments, dealing with company culture and politics and trying to find fulfillment in those positions, I started to verbalize what I’d known internally for as long as I could remember. I was never meant to fulfill my purpose by building someone else’s legacy, I was supposed to build my own.


More than a decade ago, God tapped me on the shoulder and I finally chose to respond in radical obedience to pursue my purpose. With a lot of prayer, standing on faith and learning from success and failure: I’ve developed a strategy to live out my purpose full-time and in the process have emboldened many other kingdom builders to do the same.


I now help restless kingdom builders develop a plan for kingdom impact that will leave a legacy for generations to come.


Consider this your Clarion Call. The moment you say “Yes! It’s time for me to be set free to serve authentically and use my God-given gifts to make kingdom impact within my spheres of influence."

Let me help you "Get it Done"! Are You Ready?

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