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"Now I have the confidence and tools to execute without reservation!"

Hiring Mrs. Gates as my consultant was by far the best decision I could have made for my company. Having someone else see what I could not see skyrocketed my company out of the caterpillar stage and gave it wings. Using my customer map, I know what direction I need to move towards and it helps me to stay on course. After each of my sessions I not only knew what I should be doing, but had the confidence and the tools to execute without reservation.

"From the first time I spoke with Lakesha, she completely understood my vision."

It didn't take much explaining for Lakesha to get the gist of where I wanted to go, but yet she took the time to really listen to me and bring out more than I could imagine from the picture I had in my head. She turn all of that into a tangible plan. Her attention to detail, especially the little things are remarkable! I now have a full picture and many avenues from which to explore them.

“Lakesha opened my mind up to avenues of my business I hadn't even thought of! She helped me think of a business plan, map it out and guided me into the first steps in making that plan happen .”

— Laura Pollard, 2020

“Lakesha takes it all in, listens and morphs your vision into more that you can ever imagine. Challenged, pushed, stretched and supported is a snippet of what you can expect to get when working with her.”

— Brandi Day, 2020

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