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Life is too short to waste another minute or spend another dollar trying to figure out how to make kingdom impact without a plan!

Say goodbye to doing and figuring it out on your own. We specialize in helping you "Get it Done". While we help you design + develop your strategy for kingdom impact, you can focus on contributing your life's work to the world.

You Don't Have to Build a
Kingdom Impact Strategy on Your Own.

Let Us Help You Design + Develop YOUR PLAN Today!

Step 1:

Discover who you are, how you want to serve and identify barriers to reaching your desired outcome.

Step 2:

Learn the simple 7 phase "Get it Done" method to design + develop a blueprint for

kingdom impact.

Step 3:

Execute the plan so you can

serve God and make

an impact in your

sphere of influence..

Meet Lakesha

Faith Based Life Coach, Consultant + Strategist

Welcome! My name is Lakesha Gates, CEO, Founder and creator of the "Get it Done Method". We’re a faith based boutique coaching and consulting firm geared towards helping kingdom builders design + develop a plan to use their God-given gifts for kingdom impact. Our speciality is to help you "Get IT Done"!


“Before working with Lakesha I was truly spinning my wheels and in a place of stagnation with my business. However, while working with Lakesha she provided me with practical tools and strategies I could easily implement, challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and held me accountable in order to ensure the success of my business.”

- Simone Paige

Lakesha encourages you to move into what God has called and equipped you for. Her questions led to clearer answers that led to more questions until I got to the needed clarity of what I needed to be doing next. Now, I don't feel like I'm in knots about ALL I need to do, I just need to do the specified steps outlined in my strategy session.

- Terikka Faciane

“As a corporate consultant, Lakesha helped me to focus and streamline my offerings to my audience. She was invaluable in helping me to build my vision and to take actionable steps to realizing it. I had many ideas, and she helped me to connect the dots into a coherent picture and plan for what my business could be.”

- Michelle Schmidt Moore

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