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Live Out Your Vision, Live Out Your Faith

Join me on my journey to personal and spiritual growth. Let's learn together and embolden each other to contribute our life's work to our worlds.

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Welcome! My name is Lakesha Gates, but let me first tell you what I am not.

I am not a PHD, MBA, CEO, Director, Manager, Supervisor or a Lead. What I am is on ASSIGNMENT!

On assignment to help others, more specifically kingdom focused servant leaders like you, contribute your life’s work to the world. I do that as Wife, Mom, Friend, Coach + Consultant but only because FIRST I am a child of God! 

As Founder and creator of the "Get it Done Method" my desire is to help kingdom focused servant leaders design + develop a plan to use their God-given gifts for kingdom impact. My speciality is to help you "Get IT Done"!

I am passionate about helping people grow spiritually and develop as leaders. Through my blog, I share my insights and experiences to inspire you to live your best life. You'll find articles on personal growth, spiritual development, leadership, family, and affordable home and fashion ideas while embracing the Kingdom Focused Lifestyle. Join the community and let's grow forward together!

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