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Faith in Daily Life: Unleashing the Power of the Get It Done Framework™ in Your Christian Journey

Updated: Apr 12

An open Bible with a notepad, symbolizing the integration of faith into daily life through the Get It Done Framework™.

Incorporating faith into the fabric of our daily lives is a quest for many believers seeking to live out their beliefs authentically and purposefully. The Get It Done Framework™ offers a revolutionary approach to not just talking about faith but actively integrating it into every aspect of life. Here’s how you can transform your faith journey and live a life that truly reflects your Christian values.

The Get It Done Framework™: Your Kingdom Assignment Playbook

  • Dream It: If you can envision it in your kingdom-minded heart, you can bring it to life in this world.

  • Embody It: Wear your purpose like a mantle, ready to lead with courage, confidence and conviction.

  • Discover It: Investigate your kingdom assignment like a kingdom sleuth on a mission for meaning.

  • Define It: Articulate your assignment with the clarity of a prophet and the dedication of a disciple.

  • Build It: Lay the foundations of your impact with the meticulousness of Solomon’s temple builders.

  • Execute It: Advance your mission with the tenacity of David facing Goliath—undaunted and unstoppable.

  • Share It: Broadcast your breakthroughs and celebrate your successes in a community that craves connection + your contribution.

  • Steward It: Nurture your network with the wisdom of a king and the heart of a servant.

  • Believe It: Anchor your actions in the unshakeable belief that your work is vital to the kingdom's growth.

How to exercise Faith in your Daily Life:

1. Set Clear Spiritual Goals Just like in any area of life, setting clear, attainable goals for your spiritual growth is crucial. Use the Get It Done Framework™ to identify specific aspects of your faith you want to develop, such as prayer, scripture study, or service to others, and set actionable steps to achieve these goals.

2. Make Time for God In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time for prayer can be challenging. Incorporate dedicated time with God into your daily routine. Whether it’s early morning, during your commute, or before bedtime, ensure you have a set time each day to connect with the Creator.

3. Apply Biblical Principles to Everyday Decisions Your faith should be the lens through which you view and make decisions. Use the Get It Done Framework™ to reflect on how biblical teachings can guide your choices in family life, work, finances, and relationships, ensuring that your actions are aligned with your Christian values.

4. Seek Community and Accountability Faith is not meant to be lived in isolation. Surround yourself with a community that supports and shares your values. Accountability partners or small groups can be instrumental in keeping you on track with your spiritual goals, offering encouragement and constructive feedback.

5. Reflect and Adjust Regular reflection on your spiritual journey is essential. Evaluate your progress, celebrate your successes, and make necessary adjustments using the Get It Done Framework™. This ongoing process will help you stay focused on your path and make continual strides in your faith.

Let's Hear From You:

  1. What specific spiritual goals have you set for yourself, and how are you planning to achieve them?

  2. How do you integrate prayer and meditation into your daily routine, and what impact has this had on your life?

  3. Can you share a story where applying biblical principles helped you make a significant decision?

  4. How has being part of a faith community or having accountability partners influenced your spiritual growth?

  5. What are some challenges you’ve faced in integrating faith into daily life, and how have you addressed them?

Faith is a journey that permeates every aspect of our lives. By applying the Get It Done Framework™, you can actively cultivate a life that not only professes Christian values but also practices them daily. Let’s share our experiences and insights in the comments below to inspire and support one another in our collective journey of faith.


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