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Unlock Your Assignment: Take Kingdom-Focused Action with the Get It Done Framework™

Updated: Apr 12

Attention 🚨 Kingdom Leader!

Ready to transform your daily grind into a kingdom-focused assignment? Let’s take a walk on the sacred side of strategy and infuse your life with impact + influence. This is Kingdom Focused Life Coaching, where we’re all about leading with purpose and impacting like it’s our kingdom assignment (because, well, it is!).

It’s Not Just About Goals, It’s About Glory

Life isn’t just a series of tasks to be completed; it’s an opportunity to make a mark, to lead in your lane, and to forge a legacy that resonates with kingdom impact. You're not just clocking in; you're stepping up to your kingdom assignment, ready to lead with purpose and passion.

Image of a diverse group of leaders engaged in a strategic planning session, with visible notes and a clear focus on servant leadership principles.

The Get It Done Framework: Your Kingdom Assignment Playbook

Say goodbye to mundane methods and hello to a strategy steeped in significance. Here’s how we roll:

  1. Dream It: If you can envision it in your kingdom-minded heart, you can bring it to life in this world.

  2. Embody It: Wear your purpose like a mantle, ready to lead with courage, confidence and conviction.

  3. Discover It: Investigate your kingdom assignment like a kingdom sleuth on a mission for meaning.

  4. Define It: Articulate your assignment with the clarity of a prophet and the dedication of a disciple.

  5. Build It: Lay the foundations of your impact with the meticulousness of Solomon’s temple builders.

  6. Execute It: Advance your mission with the tenacity of David facing Goliath—undaunted and unstoppable.

  7. Share It: Broadcast your breakthroughs and celebrate your successes in a community that craves connection + your contribution.

  8. Steward It: Nurture your network with the wisdom of a king and the heart of a servant.

  9. Believe It: Anchor your actions in the unshakeable belief that your work is vital to the kingdom's growth.

Down-to-Earth and Divinely Assigned

We’re stripping away the pretense and getting down to the nitty-gritty of what makes you tick in the kingdom’s clock. This is about connecting on a soul level, where your life’s work meets your spiritual walk.

Let's Get the Conversation Started

Are you feeling the pull to elevate your purpose? Chime in below with your aspirations, hesitations, or maybe just the spark of inspiration that’s been flickering in your heart. Let’s rally together to lead, impact, and transform!

There you have it—a call to embrace your kingdom-focused assignment with the Get It Done Framework™. Let’s not just make a difference; let’s make it with purpose, passion, and a touch of heavenly strategy. Your kingdom assignment is calling. Are you ready to answer?


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