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Life's Work: What is that?

Updated: Apr 12

Simply Put... How you dedicate your life to positively impact the community + world around you through faith and service but most importantly, the advancement of God's Kingdom!

Welcome to the space where you are empowered to embrace your truest self. You don't have to leave any part of yourself out to be a part of this space. I will stand in the gap to help you rediscover and confidently walk in your first position as child of God.

I will apply pressure gracefully, act as a reflective mirror to keep you focused on your goals. I will be direct, honest because I believe in God's ability to transform us through His son, Jesus Christ. I want you to fully realize your potential and live as the person you were created to be.

Community members engaging in service and prayer, reflecting spiritual growth and faith.

Just to be very clear, I am at war with self doubt, complacency and the status quo that has been holding you hostage!

Aren't you tired of chasing perfection?

Perfection is a myth but the pursuit of it is not. Creating unrealistic standards will lead to overwhelm and burnout. We are chasing TRUE perfection, which is only found in Jesus Christ. He is the embodiment of the fruit of the spirit. Our goal is to become more like him, as we live out our calling in their earth.

Impatient for results?

In this space we learn the art of appreciating the journey. Our motto is "Progress is in the Process!" When you compare yourself to others, you end up feeling inadequate, which can lead to isolation and feelings of frustration and discouragement because you don't see immediate success.

In order to overcome stress, dissatisfaction, a sense of stagnation and disconnection you must practice patience. In patience you'll find the path towards a more fulfilling and faith-aligned life.

Welcome to your space! A corner of the internet designated for the real you!

In His 🫶🏽 Grace,

Lakesha "But You Can Call Me Kesha" Gates | Kingdom Focused Life Coach

Creator of the Get It Done Method™ | Founder of The K Club + Women of Grace


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